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Coming Soon to R.E.A.L.

Posted: August 25, 2011 in Blog Updates

   Welcome back folks! I was away on Honeymoon and I’m back in action.     Below are some topics that will be coming soon to R.E.A.L. Martial arts:

  • My Stand up game unleashed
  • My take on KATA- Is it useful or archaic
  • Wing Chun concepts revisited

I have a busy year ahead of me, so I apoligize if the material will take time to publish.  However, I enjoy sharing with you all, and please, in the meantime, if you have any material, thoughts, videos, or just want to say hi….then do it here!

Feel free to post up anything meaninful on my site.

All the best, and it feels good to be back home!

Peace to you all.


Spousal Abuse

Posted: August 25, 2011 in Let's get Philosophical Shall we

Well, a few weeks ago I was at the Wal-mart getting out of my car and I overheard a conversation with an older gentleman and his wife.  They were in their 80’s.  Here are some quotes based on what I heard:

“You disgust me”

“You are a disgrace to the family”

“You are useless”

“You are worthless”

“You are a fucking bitch and I can’t believe you did that….”

At first I thought he was talking about someone else! But then I did a double take and he was actually talking to his wife!  What got me was the wife’s face, body language, and emotions during this verbal abuse.  She was totally livid, pale, drained, and depressed…it was as if she was saying to the world “my life is terrible, and I can’t stand this”…..yet she remained helpless, and held onto his and while walking into the store.  Then I followed them into the vegetables section, and I saw her helplessly following her husband around like a puppy dog…..she was putting vegetables in his cart…..

Now here are my reactions to this situation:

– furious

– sad, and depressed

– was he senile?

– maybe he had a mental disorder?

– maybe she had a mental disorder and he couldn’t take it

– I can’t  belive they have been married this long

– this was 1 day before I was to get married…and I’m thinking…man, I will NEVER treat my wife like that!

– I hugged my wife to be, and looked into her eyes and told her, if I ever treat you like this, you must leave me

– nobody deserves to be treated like this!!

– it’s inhumane

Now here’s what’s eating me up inside:

– i didn’t do shit!!

– should I have confronted the man?…I rehearsed in my head the following statement: “Sir, I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation with that woman, whom I assume is your wife…well, in my opinion, I think that is extremely disrespectful, and you could have expressed yourself more carefully and avoided such hurting words, I would be ashamed of yourself sir, if you look into your wife’s eyes, she is in a world of hurt…..”…

– but I didn’t do shit!! I thought that if i did say something, it wouldn’t make a difference…he needs to learn as a kid how to talk to someone…..but I don’t know….

Anyway, what would you do?


Was I wrong in my reaction?

I discussed this with my fiancee at the time, and now my wife…well,…she was torn up…she wanted to go back and find this man and talk to him, but I stopped her!!

Thoughts please??



Hi all!

Equipment training is important but absolutely no substitue for a real, live partner! I train with various striking equipment.  You know, the usual: pads and bags.  For pads, I like focus mits and kicking shields.  Each of these offer different focus and striking opportunities.

One of my favortie tools is the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy!  I was mesmerized with this tool from seeing all the Shaw Brother Kung Fu movies (Master Killer being one of my favorite, along with 5 Deadly Venoms! LOL!).  Just hitting it, and hearing that sound gets the juices going.

When I train, I always use sound conceptual principles.  After putting it through the R.E.A.L training process, then, and only  then, I link it and adopt it ot my own game.  Here is how I use R.E.A.L. when training with the Dummy:

  • REPLICATE – all techniques you see in this clip, at a snap shot, resides in some kind of labelled style that I have studied and referred to.   For example- I used some Wing Chun concepts while banging away: bong sau, larp sau, jut sao, fook sau, chain punches.  I’ve also incorporated some elements of Muay thai, Karate, Mantis, JKD, and Boxing, along with Clinch work MMA.   Whenever I am not sure about something, I will double check with my sources (teacher, instructor, sensei etc., book, manual, dvd, website…) to ensure the correct body mechanics.  I am big on body mechanics…it has to have the right flow.
  • EXAMINE – I have critically looked at each of the techniques displayed here under the microscope for it’s purpose.  Blocking, striking, re-directing, jamming, trapping etc.  Could I pull  this off under fire? Maybe…Maybe not… all depends on the energy that is given to me at the time, along with my mind set at the time.
  • ASSESS – All of these techniques and methods displayed here have been stress tested to death under alive scenario training and sparring.  This took many years to do.  Over the years, I have taken techniques from Wing Chun, Mantis, Boxing, JKD, Karate, etc…and sparred with it, played with it under various scenarios and mental/physical conditions.  The results of this assessment step will be listed in the section below (see Results – Strenghths, Weaknesses, and Next Steps).
  • LINK – After R, E, and A above, I have encorportated these techniques into my game, and realized that a lot of the Dummy techniques, as-is, are ineffective at longer ranges and when you have unattached hitting.  Dummy techniques, say from the Wing Chun genre, are good, from my experience, in the clinch/grappling range.  The complicated switches and traps that Wing Chun and Mantis offer, say, can be definitely utilized in a more simplistic manner in clinch and on the ground. For example, say you are in a tight spot, and an arm is in your way, you can “pak” it, “larp” it, “fook” it, “bong” it (my ‘Wing-Chun-ese”) to manipulate into position….so at the end of the day, you do whatever you can, take whatever you can, in order to increase your odds for success…and that often means you will undergo any kind of limb manipulation from any style to put yourself in an advantagous position.

                                                 Results – Strengths, Weaknesses, and Next Steps to Dummy


  • you look cool! :)
  • you can say you learned all that from the IP Man movies! lol. :)
  • isolates techniques, body mechanics – provides an opportunity for you to get creative and flow accross systems of training
  • conditioning of joints, limbs
  • provides a bit of resistance training: you work your muscles and they do tire after a while
  • a bit of “static” target practice (this has short term benefits, but you’ll need to spar and do scenario eventually)


  • no timing!
  • you’re hitting a static object that is not moving
  • you don’t have real feedback – you need a partner or many partners to thrash your senses and force yourself to respond and react realistically under pressure
  • can cause major arthritis and joint inflammation – no matter if you use “Jao” or any external/topographic analgaesic ointments
  • It gets in the way! – if you see me below, I get jammed up sometimes…this will happen realistically too, but with a limb, you can destruct it or move it…with a wooden arm…good luck!

Next Steps:

  • free style your techniques
  • don’t stick to a pattern of movements
  • keep an emotionless mind set, and simply visualize yourself being under a violent attack, you simply must react without emotion…it’s purely mechanical

Ok, so here’s the clip:

Thanks for reading and watching! Please leave your thoughts and send this to anyone whom you feel might benefit from this.  You can do that by clicking on the button below that says something to the effect of “send email” or whatever….



Have a training focus each time you train!

Hello people.  Just about to train downstairs in the dojo, and I wanted to leave you with some thoughts on keeping yourself focused on your training.

I don’t know about you, but if I don’t have a training plan then I feel useless.  Now I’m not suggesting that you follow a plan in an OCD-ish kind of way, but even if you have some general guidelines that follow certain themes, this would suffice.  Here are some things that I currently do and have also done in the past:

  • Keep a training log – write down short term and long term goals and your action plan
  • Be realistic with yourself – understand your current mood and energy level and plan accordingly
  • sometimes over planning for your session is good…this way you can hit at least a few of the key items on your training list
  • Expect to hangout and spend a longer time on one item…eg., sometimes I feel i need a longer stretch time, or i might spend more time flowing on the bag or wooden dummy training…it’s all good.
  • Always…and I repeat…Always have a Reality based mindset…and that is…there is absolutely no guarantees in your technique…so don’t expect it picture perfect….as long as it’s following sound principles and body mechanics, you will do fine
  • encorporate ALL ranges: kicking, striking, and grappling (clinch and ground).
  • Have a study day: Hang out with a favorite or few of your favorite resources (books, websites, blogs, dvd’s, magazines): study, read, and get your mind on training; thoughts guide actions, so keeping your mind on training keeps you focused, take notes and sticky note ideas that inspired you and that you can work on a future date
  • Take advantage of “boring” wait times: If you’re waiting in a line, or in the car, in a doctor’s office, etc., keep your mind thinking about training…don’t have to do this all the time, but when you catch yourself breathing hard and feeling frustrated, it’s time to think about your training…think about scenarios, look around, and imagine yourself, visualize a positive outcome in any confrontation…both positive and negative; example: if you’re in a doctor’s office, imagine someone coming in and asking you a random question that might put you in a confused state: how would you react? gotta keep your cool
  • Try to include “static” and “dynamic” warmups: By static, I mean, hold and stretch kind of warmups, and by dynamic, i mean, like shadow boxing or any kind of calisthenic routines…you can have a combo of both actually, why not?
  • Always reflect on your progress – this is key for improving, note it down in your training log, sometimes video tape yourself
  • Get to know boxing and some ground games – Boxing and any kind of ground game (greco-roman, judo, vale-tudo, jits, shuai jiao, …whatever) is vital…throw that in the mix somehow.  They are great delivery systems for your game.  You don’t have to be “pro” at these games, just learn the key aspects and apply it properly into your game.  Follow the REAL approach as a guideline (see previous posts of mine on this topic)
  • Work on controling your emotions: Don’t show fatigue! Even when you are alone, practice this! You want to get your facial muscles used to keeping a poker face and not showing emotion! This will help you in giving your opponant a hard time reading you.

Well, that’s it for now…..hope this helped somehow!

Drop me a line or so and let me know what you think and/or add to this list?





I urge you to read the following article:

It speaks to the idea that there are no absolutes in self defence training.  It just simply is.  You must train with a strong conceptual framework paying very close attention to who you are and how you will react under pressure.  Richard gives some strong suggestions for training your self defence keeping several variables in mind.  Therefore, he outlines various test cases that you must train.

Amazing read! It ties in with the “Assess” step in my REAL approach.

I will post next my reactions to this article.  But for now, please read it, and tell me what you think? Cheers!


Hi All,

Below is a Podcast I created sketching out how I practice clinch work solo on BOB.  Think of it…you spend most of your time alone, so the most valuable time needs to be worth it….so you must beef up your solo-training with realism.

So using REAL…..

Replicate –you replicate all the clinch moves in isolation…you can shadow it in the air, clinch BOB or a friend.

Examine – make sure you know it’s purpose and application – review your resources.

Assess – In this workout, I did the above in previous sessions, so today, I’m simply going to flow with say 6-7 different ideas:

  • clinch with cloth
  • head control
  • thai clinch
  • chokes
  • strikes from clinch
  • take downs
  • a bit of kick boxing

So you can work it in 3 minute rounds, certain holds you can hold tight for isometric benefit, and you can vary the intensity of the transitions.  Keypoint to remember is flow! You gotta flow and improvise …when the dummy moves, you insert a move that will pressure him and manipulate…pressure, pressure….and control.

Enjoy and tell me what you think?