Introductions…let’s get acquainted, shall we?

Posted: August 8, 2011 in Introductions

Hello and welcome once again to R.E.A.L. !

Drop us a line introducing yourselves and tell us a little about you….anything you like.



  1. My name is Andrew Carr-Locke. I am a BJJ Blue Belt within the SBGi BJJ curriculum. I run the Leslieveille Jiu-Jitsu Club and the Sister Samurai Grappling Club. Both of these clubs are located in the East end neighborhoods of Toronto. If you are ever in the city, and want to come out to see us in Leslieville, please drop me a line. These clubs are extensions of Man-Alive Martial Arts.

    • Chris Hanson says:

      Hey Andrew! Welcome to REAL, I remember you, we chatted a while back about “aliveness” etc., on Iain Abernethy’s blog…how are you? Thanks for dropping by, stay in touch. I will try my best to visit your dojo when I can. Please feel free to contribute here freely! All the best :)

  2. geenexcuses says:

    I am Ed. Instructor for the dutch police academy.
    I mainly instruct physical and mental toughness.
    Defend restraint and control skills. Shooting and tactical use of the gun.
    I am also the guy putting his thoughts on the Br@inbites blog. Thank you got the mention on your page. As soon as i figure out how to do that I will return the favour.

    • Chris Hanson says:

      Hey Ed! Welcome aboard. Real glad you’re doing what you you’re doing…the Brainbites that is…..awesome stuff….stay in touch…we’ll have some fun on the web!

  3. Pieter says:

    My name is Pieter.
    I train in Wushu Taolu and Judo.
    I like the training methodology and ideas here.
    Look forward reading and learning more from this blog.

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