Solo Training with BOB using R.E.A.L.

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Training Ideas

Hi All,

Below is a Podcast I created sketching out how I practice clinch work solo on BOB.  Think of it…you spend most of your time alone, so the most valuable time needs to be worth it….so you must beef up your solo-training with realism.

So using REAL…..

Replicate –you replicate all the clinch moves in isolation…you can shadow it in the air, clinch BOB or a friend.

Examine – make sure you know it’s purpose and application – review your resources.

Assess – In this workout, I did the above in previous sessions, so today, I’m simply going to flow with say 6-7 different ideas:

  • clinch with cloth
  • head control
  • thai clinch
  • chokes
  • strikes from clinch
  • take downs
  • a bit of kick boxing

So you can work it in 3 minute rounds, certain holds you can hold tight for isometric benefit, and you can vary the intensity of the transitions.  Keypoint to remember is flow! You gotta flow and improvise …when the dummy moves, you insert a move that will pressure him and manipulate…pressure, pressure….and control.

Enjoy and tell me what you think?



  1. GodfreyGlasson says:

    Interesting video Chris. I hadn’t thought of using a Bob like that so I’ll have to try some out next time I get to use Sensei’s Bob. I’m looking forward to seeing the upcoming videos. Thanks for posting.

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